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Boy's Life Layout John built

This Boy's Life photo is the approximate design of my first layout..

John's tree banner #3.jpg

About John's HO Trees

I started my first train layout when I was 10, thanks to the help of my dad and Boy's Life Magazine that published an HO scale train layout series in the late 1950's.   Since then, I've built 5 different layouts and understand the delights and frustrations of layout construction.   In 2009, I dismantled a long-standing layout and built an entirely new DCC multi-level HO layout using the Digitrax Zephyr system.   I also belong to the TCMMRA, a Free-Mo train club between Dallas & Fort Worth.   

John's HO & N Trees was started in 2016.    Whether you want a simple 'generic tree' or a specific tree, send me an email with your need and we'll see what can be done.  

Besides having customers from California to New Jersey, and Montana to Texas, I have my trees in two museums:  The Jefferson Train Museum, in Jefferson, TX and at the Texas State Railroad in Palestine, TX.   

I have my trees for sale at several train shows, including Plano, Jefferson, Temple and Grapevine, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK.   

I enjoy helping other model railroaders and diorama makers with scenery products that bring scenes to 'life'.    

Canoe on river passing John's pine trees
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