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Recommendations for Handling Trees

     (Please read before opening tree packaging.)

1.  John's HO Trees are suitable for age 12 and above.   Tip ends of wire tree limbs can be sharp.   Please supervise younger children, as they can poke themselves, as well as easily damage trees and shrubs by handling, squeezing, dropping or throwing.

2.  Keep tree package upright.   A small sticker on top of the box is the marker for which end is the top.    

3.  Hold or move trees/shrubs by a branch, trunk or roots.   It is often easy to 'grab' a tree from the box with the tip of your 'pinkie finger'.    Or, use a toothpick or fine-point tweezer tool to extract trees.

4.  John's HO Trees are designed to stand on their roots for support.   Some modelers may prefer to bend one root straight down to be the 'support nail' to install a tree.   Place the 'bent down' root into a pre-drilled hole, or press it into foam base.   Hot glue works well to fasten trees more permanently.  

5.  Tip-ends of tree limbs are semi-pliable.   Re-position if desired.   Avoid bending limb too close to trunk; as the covering on the limb may crack and break..  If this happens, dab a bit of acrylic paint that matches the trunk (Expresso, nutmeg or white) over the spot.

If you purchased HO scale Pine Trees - Please Note:                                 

1.  Pines have a brad nail glued in the trunk base to allow for easy 'planting' on foam surfaces.  For wood surface, pre-drill a hole 1/16th inch in diameter, not more than 1/2" deep.   This allows for easy removal or re-position, as desired.

2.  Grasp Pines at the base of their trunk, or very gently at the very tip-top end.   Touching or grasping Pines at any other location may damage the tree.   Pines are made with hand-tapered balsa and are not designed for children's play. 

3.   Group Pines in small clusters for best effect.   Vary some pines with a bit of lean, as they often do in real life.

4.  John's HO Pines are great for winter scenes.    To purchase my pines with snow on them, select "Snow" on my product pages and I'll add snow to your pine trees - two trees 'snowed' are $1.00.

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