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o Scroll down to see thicket pieces used in landscapes.

Thicket examples 2.JPG

Thickets are great to help hide joints and irregularities.

Thicket examples 4.JPG

Thicket helps define pathways, parking lot or areas of activity such as in this camping site.

Thicket examples 10.JPG

Thicket can be used in minimal ways as depicted above.

Thicket examples 3.JPG

This scene has about 4 feet of module joint hidden by placing thicket pieces over joint.

Thicket examples 9.JPG

Thicket is great to use to transition from rock-to-ground, or water to land.

Thicket examples 11.JPG

Or, dense ground-cover as shown in the scene above.

Thicket examples 13.JPG

Rock climbing scene to the left shows all the benefits of using thicket pieces:

1.   Easily hide joints.

2.  Great for transition from grassy/bushy to rocks.

3.  Defines pathway.

4.  Very effective horizontally or vertically.

Illustration photos were taken by John Runnells at the Tarrant County Modular Model Railroad Association (TCMMRA) in Hurst, Texas.   John is a member and did the scenery using his thicket pieces in these photos.   All rights reserved.

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