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  Gallery #1 - John's HO (scale) Trees

Mesquite & Pines from John's HO Trees

Mesquite in foreground.  Ponderosa pine top center; Elm on right.

Fall foliage from John's HO Trees

Red Oak, Yellow Aspen in background; 'generic' green tree in foreground.

Elm tree from John's HO Trees

Elm in foreground; fall colors in background.

Ponderosa Pine trunk detail by John's HO Trees

Pine at right edge shows 'scraped' trunk detail.

Weeping Willow & Elm by John's HO Trees

Weeping Willow (L) and Elm (R).

track across river with pine from John's HO Trees

"I want to vacation here!"

CSX 3042 with Elm & fall foliage trees by John's HO Trees

CSX hauling freight past Fall color.

See-through detail of John's HO Trees

Great example of see-through detail of John's HO Trees.


Evergreens:  Pines, Scot's Pine, Black Pine, Cedar

Forsythia, Lilac & Crepe Myrtles by John's HO Trees

Shrubs 2.5" & less

Fall foliage:  3" to 6"

Ponderosa Pine with snow by John's HO Trees

Snowy 8" pine

Do you see the bears?
Pines and lumber - perfect.
Birds-eye view.

Aspen order:   mix of orange/yellow.

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