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Christian Scripture Scenes with John's HO trees

Not available in N scale.

New Product


1.   Select one, two or three tree package; dimension (3.5"x3.5")  (3.5"x7")  (3.5"x10.5")

2,   Indicate which tree(s) you desire.

3.   Indicate color of tree(s) preferred (light green, medium green, autumn, etc).

4.   Select one of 7 scriptures or substitute your favorite short verse.

5.   Select male or female HO figure:  seated on a bench, seated on a rock, standing

      figure on a rock, or figure walking along a path.

Examples: Left photo shows a woman seated on a bench with flowering Dogwood.   Center photo is a woman walking on a path beneath Black Pine and Mimosa.   Right photo is a man seated on a rock with Red Maple, Maple and Japanese Maple.

  .   Shipping & handling fee $13.95 added at checkout, unless picked up at business or

      delivered at a Train Show...

Examples of one tree scenes with added details for $2.00 extra (flowering shrub, & thicket pieces)

Scripture tree 2_edited.jpg
Scripture tree 4_edited.jpg
Scripture tree 5_edited.jpg
Scripture tree 8_edited.jpg
Snow Scripture Base 3.JPG
Aspen Scripture base 2.JPG
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