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   Gallery #2 - Trees help define the scene.
Scotch Pines

Those troublesome bears!

Red Crepe Myrtles
Generic trees

Refinery before & after John's Pines were added.

In this scene, a few pines set the mood, boost the sense of scale and make it "come alive".

A few new Mesquite trees on the  R.D. Moses Museum Layout in Jefferson, Texas..

Cypress Grove 2-26-20 #5.JPG

Cypress trees & knees in a riverbed.

Mesquite's are well-suited for dry conditions.

Notice how changing the trees can change the effect:   Cottonwood & white Dogwood in left photo; Weeping Willow in the right photo.

Aspen - hint of green #2.jpg
Aspen - hint of green #3.jpg

Three Aspen in my "hint of yellow" phase on my home layout.

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