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Elephant ears are easily recognized for their large sized leaves.    These are probably the 'cutest Elephant Ears you've ever seen'.      There are several leaf color options and vase size options below.    In photo above, Eden green is at left foreground.   Leafy Rise (green) is at center foreground and rear.  Fifth photo is satin Spring Green.   Sixth photo is Spring Sprout; a yellow-green.   


If you desire to have the leaf dry-brushed with Red Blush as seen in 2nd & 3rd photo, please let me know.  


Vase sizes are shown.    Large (7mm):   Round white marbled, Silver, Metalic, Bronze or Copper.    Medium (5-6mm):   Silver, Metalic, Bronze or Copper (tubular or barrel shape).   Small (4mm):    Metalic, Bronze or Copper.  

Please note:   Exact vase depicted in the illustration may not always be available, due to store supply.        

Elephant Ears - Tropical plant in patio vase

SKU: TR01551
Color options
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