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How to do Big Scenes in Small Spaces - by John Runnells.   This 13 page digital document has 19 different themes of small area scenery including color photos and references noting the materials used to make each scene.   This is a great resource for those hesitant about doing scenery or need more ideas for their modeling projects.   John has lots of experience with layouts, having built 5 layouts and sceniced several modules at a local free-mo HO train club.   This is a great instruction for youngsters starting out in model railroading or for advanced modelers needing some fresh ideas.   Look for liink in the Thank You page at check-out.

How to do Big Scenes in Small Spaces by J. Runnells; 13 pages with 19 ideas

SKU: 21000
  • Written and photographed by John Runnells.

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