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These taller pines are 6 1/4" to 7" tall and sold as single trees; not 2 packs.   Select light green, medium, dark or conifer green foliage.  These are suitable for HO, HOn3, S and O scale.    Due to their extra height, I make custom box to protect.   This adds an additional $1.00 to fee = $11.00 each.   Pines have a small nail glued into the base to enable easy 'planting' on foam or pre-drilled hole.    Trunks are hand-carved from balsa wood.


Add "Snow" to this tree by selecting the separate "Snow" product in my Product Catalog.   Cost of $1.00 covers 'snowing' two trees, as I'm not able to charge less than $1.00 for a product.

Ponderosa Pine - single - 6 1/4" to 7" tall

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