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Ponderosa Pines are the only tree I make without using twisted wire.   Instead, I whittle balsa trunks and add very small, natural wood limbs and artificial foliage.   Trunks are scored to reflect the striation in pine bark.   Foliage color options are:   light green, medium green, dark green and conifer green.  


Price is based on size:  4" to 5" tall are $7.00 each.   Pines 5" to 6" tall are $8.00 each.  (Use 5" - 6" product link to purchase the larger trees.)    Pines of this size come two-to-a-package.  



Ponderosa Pines - Two pack: under 5" tall

SKU: 1001
Option 1
  • Use care when removing pines from carton or when moving them.   Lightly grasp the tip top of the tree to remove from carton.   Hold by the lowest part of trunk to plant or set aside.   Grabbing Pines by branches will likely cause damage.    A headless brad nail is glued into the base of the trunk for easy 'planting' into a pre-drilled hole or in foam.

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