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Select this product item to have me add Woodland Scenics "Snow" to your Pine order, whether from the HO or N scale Collection.    $1.00 does two trees - 'flocked'.    (Snow can also be added to Black Pine, Scotch Pine, & Cedar.   Message me to indicate whether you want "light snow", "medium snow" or heavy snow".  

[Example, if you ordered three 2-packs of Ponderosa Pines (6 trees), and wanted them all flocked, you'd need to purchase this snow option (x3) to flock six trees.]

Note:   I secure the 'snow' in place with a light dusting of hair spray, which looks great, but shipping or transporting flocked trees may get snow all over the tree and some loss of 'snow' is likely to occur.   For customers who live nearby, a "will pick-up" Order would alleviate the problem.

Add'l note:   I don't sell "snow" by itself.

Snow added to two Pines

SKU: 10000
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