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I make several sizes of raised bed tropicals in H.O. size.    (Not available in N size.)    I use six different green colors, and several leaf patterns; thus the combinations are too many to carry each variant in stock.    However, I can take orders for single (or double) plant raised beds - but you'll need to designate the color of flowers in the raised bed and color of Tropical plant you want.    

Size of raised bed:   3/4"x3/4", 1"x1", 1 1/4"x 1 1/4" (square).   1/2" x 1" (rectangle)

Tropical leaf pattern choices:    Wide leaf, Narrow leaf, Elephant Ear.

Color choices of Tropical:   Summer Green, Spring Green, Leafy Rise, Eden, Spring Sprout & Pistachio.

Raised bed flower color options are:   White, pink, red, yellow, orange, plum, lavender or lime. 


Photos above reflect a few of the  sizes and color combinations of single Tropicals.   Please refer to my Double Tropicals for two different (or same) Tropicals in larger rectangular bed (1" x 1 5/8").     For those wanting to see a broader image of my Wharf area on my layout, I added the last photo.    

Tropical plant in raised bed - Single Tropical H.O. size

Raised bed color options
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