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Two tropical plants, of 5-7 stems each, in raised bed of 1" x 1  5/8" x 1/4" high.    You can purchase what I have in stock, or call or email me with specific color options.   


Raised bed can be left in natural wood, or colored in gray, white, brown or black.    

Floral colors include white, pink, yellow, red, plum, lavender and lime.   


Plant leaves may be wide, narrow, blunt-ended or narrow-tipped.    I also do Elephant Ear.    Color options include Summer green, Spring Green, Spring Sprout, Eden, Leafy Rise & Pistachio.


Photos above show the diversity possible.   Last photo shows better detail of the wharf area on my layout where I did the photo shoot.     Tropicals are not available in N size.

Tropical Plants in raised bed - Double Tropical - HO size

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